Monday, January 11, 2010

Fundementals of Spare Shooting

Today's average bowler is more of a strike shooter than a spare shooter. He takes careful aim; he concentrates on the strike shot; but on spares he tends to get a little lax. This is a costly mistake. Spares are of prime importance, and should be granted as much, or more, concentration than the normal strike delivery.

Without the spare credits on your score, the strike balls aren't nearly as important as they might be. I tell my pupils to make their spares—the strikes will take care of themselves.

When attempting to convert spare leaves, always keep these two cardinal rules in mind:

1)Position yourself on the approach diametrically opposite your pin leave. Give yourself as much lane to shoot over as possible. If your pin leave is on the left side of the pin deck—say the 7-pin—position yourself to the right of the approach.

2)Always face your work. By this I mean, turn your feet and your shoulders, your whole body, directly facing the pins you are aiming at. This will insure that your pendulum swing in spare shooting is the same as it is when you are angling for strikes.

That is the fundementals of spare shooting

How to Score Ten Pin Bowling

1)A game consists of ten frames. Each box on your score- sheet represents one frame.

2)The maximum number of balls rolled in each frame is two.

3)If you get a "strike"—all ten pins with your first ball —score 10 in that box, plus the number of pins you knock down with your next two balls. Thus, the maximum score in each frame is 30—representing three strikes in a row.

4)If you get a "spare"—knock down all ten pins on two rolls—score 10 in that box, plus the number of pins you knock down with your next ball. Thus, the maximum you could get would be 20 in that frame (for a strike following the spare).
Should you knock down five pins, you would get a score of 15 in that box.

5)If you fail to knock down all ten pins with two balls, you simply record the number of pins you toppled.

That's is how to score in ten pin bowling.