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The Little Known Way to Instant Bowling Lessons

I found out that to take lessons at my local alley, I would have to commit a lot of time and pretty fair amount of money. When compared to resources that are more popular and arguably more effective, like How To Bowl Strikes, the choice for me, and countless others, is clear. Lessons are a thing of the past and instant access to bowling lessons can be as easy as a download. In fact, it is that easy.

All you have to do is go practice what you've learned. You're doing that anyway whether you know it or not. Most people don't realize it, but once the idea is pointed out, they quickly agree. The great thing about this sport is that there is a recreational feel to it and it's a popular social and family activity. All these reasons and more are common motivators for people like me and you to invest in lessons. We have a lot more options nowadays too, so take advantage of learning at home, in your own time on your own schedule and at your own pace; ditto for practicing but a word of caution before you do...

If you're bowling, even recreationally, then you're practicing whatever habits you have. You can't take weeks of lessons, which turn into months, then the entire year, only to reinforce lingering habits in the mean-while. An instant method, available online, provides you targeted techniques that result in high-impact bowling lessons. Then, when bowling recreationally, you're practicing the right skills and reinforcing those. It makes sense when you think about it and it costs less then a new bowling ball! I can't think of a better, more affordable or effective way to learn and you won't be able to either if you take a minute and compare your options for learning.

Mike Schnell is a bowling professional, adrenaline junkie, and director of popular blog BowlingTechniquesOnline.Com. He provides honest information and advice on things like who and where to go to for bowling instruction and much more. Check out his blog for more info!

What is the Best Bowling Tip for a Beginner?

Bowling, one of the most popular sports in the world, may seem confusing, but these bowling tips for beginners will go a long way toward helping you feel like a pro in a very short time. This article gives some bowling tips for beginners, from choosing the right ball to use, to playing an actual game. As with all other sports, there is no exact method that must be followed. Each person is different and needs to find the most suitable style with these bowling tips for beginners.

The first bowling tips for beginners involves choosing the right ball. Keep in mind, the sport is based on timing and coordination, meaning you need a ball easy enough to handle. As one of the bowling tips for beginners, we suggest a ball depending on your size and height. Usually, balls for women range from 8 - 15 pounds and for men, they range from 14 - 16 pounds. The best bowling tip for beginners who are looking to choose the correct ball is to bowl with the heaviest ball you can swing comfortably.

A small, but important step in bowling tips for beginners is your bowling stance. Start by gripping the ball with your bowling hand, and rest it in your non-bowling hand (your balance hand). Stand approximately 2 feet from the end of the approach (explained further on in the list of bowling tips for beginners). Stand with your toes pointed straight at your target, while keeping your hips and shoulders parallel and lined up with your feet. Many books containing bowling tips for beginners also refer to this process as squaring up. Bowling tips for beginners cover your approach to the lane.

In our bowling tips for beginners, we suggest you experiment with your delivery of the ball. There are several different deliveries for the average bowler. Bowling tips for beginners gives the subsequent distances as starting points for these particular deliveries:

- 3 step delivery, stand 8 - 10 feet from the foul line.

- 4 step delivery, stand 10 - 12 feet from the foul line.

- 5 step delivery, stand 12 - 16 feet from the foul line.

If your size or your stride is larger than normal, make changes to adjust for this.

Both these factors in bowling tips for beginners, grip and aim, are very important. While keeping a good grip on your ball, bowling tips for beginners advise you to align the ball with your shoulder and, keeping your forearm slightly bent, use your balance hand (non-bowling hand) to balance the ball. Taking a deep breath, then exhale keeping your stomach muscles tight is part of the great bowling tips for beginners and aids your concentration and aim.

The next step in bowling tips for beginners is to hold the ball until goes passed your left foot. The distance after the line of foul is the right time to release the ball. According to bowling tips for beginners, this release will depend on the particular size, speed limit, length, and amount of steps used by the individual bowler.

The last tip of our bowling tips for beginners is that you should enjoy your game. This is the most important tip of all. Remember that bowling itself is a sport, and no matter what, the game should be fun for you. Of all the bowling tips for beginners, this one is the most important. Join a league, whether for competition or just for fun.

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your scores.

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Williams, Allen shatter PABCON doubles record


By Lucas Wiseman
USBC Communications

RESULTS: Doubles | All-events

GUADALAJARA, Mexico - Team USA's Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Patrick Allen didn't just break the all-time Pan American Bowling Confederation Men's Championships record in doubles on Tuesday, they blew past it with ease.

Williams and Allen combined to shoot a six-game total of 2,917, an average of 243.08, at Bolerama Tapatio, eclipsing the previous record of 2,788 set in 2009 by their teammates Chris Barnes and Tommy Jones.

Allen led the pair with 1,461, while Williams contributed 1,456 in the winning effort. Canada's Dan MacLelland and Michael Schmidt took the silver medal with 2,742, while Puerto Rico's Bruno Diaz and Andro Simounet earned the bronze with 2,720.

The Americans entered the final doubles block knowing they needed a big performance after their teammates were out of medal contention from the morning session.

"After the performance this morning, we knew it was either us or nobody for a medal," Allen said. "It was just time for us to rise to the occasion so the team didn't get shut out."

The gold medalists got out of the gate fast with Williams starting with games of 298 and 278, while Allen opened with 247 and 233. They eventually pulled away from the Canadians in the final two games.

"I was surprised the scores weren't higher on the first block, but I knew there were still some pretty good bowlers on our squad," said Williams, who opened the block with 11 straight strikes before leaving the 2-8. "Fortunately, I had a real good look early on and Patrick bowled well, too."

Team USA's Mike Fagan, who also opened the day with a 298 game, and Wes Malott finished doubles in 10th place with 2,578. Barnes and Bill O'Neill were 11th with 2,576.

With two events to go in the all-events race, Allen leads the field with 2,810 for 12 games, an average of 234.17. MacLelland is second with 2,802, while Colombia's Manuel Otalora is third with 2,753.

As for the rest of the Americans, Williams is fifth, Fagan is sixth, Barnes is 10th, O'Neill is 11th and Malott sits in 18th. The top 16 players in all-events after 24 games advance to Friday's final event, the match-play Masters.

Action shifts to the trios event Wednesday morning with Barnes, Fagan and O'Neill teaming up and Malott, Allen and Williams joining forces for the United States.

The PABCON Men's Championships features teams in the American Zone competing in five-player team, trios, doubles, singles, all-events and match-play Masters.

At Bolerama Tapaito, Guadalajara, Mexico

(Top 5; Six games)

1, Walter Ray Williams Jr./Patrick Allen, United States, 2,917. 2, Dan MacLelland/Michael Schmidt, Canada, 2,742. 3, Bruno Diaz/Andro Simounet, Puerto Rico, 2,720. 4, Marcos Baeza/Ricardo Lecuona, Mexico, 2,670. 5, Francisco Prats/Rafael Sebelen, Dominican Republic, 2,660.

(Top 10; 12 of 24 games completed)

1, Patrick Allen, United States, 2,810. 2, Dan MacLelland, Canada, 2,802. 3, Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 2,753. 4, Ernesto Franco, Mexico, 2,747. 5, Walter Ray Williams Jr., United States, 2,743. 6, Mike Fagan, United States, 2,731. 7, Michael Schmidt, Canada, 2,712. 8, Andro Simounet, Puerto Rico, 2,680. 9, Francisco Colon, Puerto Rico, 2,661. 10, Chris Barnes, United States, 2,648. Other U.S. players: 11, Bill O'Neill, 2,638. 18, Wes Malott, 2,582.

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Washington State bowler takes Classified Singles lead at USBC Open Championships


By Matt Cannizzaro and Emil Williams Jr.
USBC Communications

RENO, Nev. -
Glen Brown of Renton, Wash., got off to a hot start in singles and maintained that momentum all the way to the Classified Singles lead at the USBC Open Championships on Sunday.

The 40-year-old right-hander opened with a 10-strike 268 game and added 178 and 244 for a 690 series at the National Bowling Stadium. Robert Petersen of Crystal Lake, Ill., and Scott Blaisdell of Malad, Idaho, previously shared the lead with 680.

"It feels good," said Brown, who made his 19th consecutive Open Championships appearance. "I am extremely happy, but I was pretty nervous. My nervousness started about the seventh frame of the last game after I had five in a row. The ball stuck on my thumb because I gripped it. I got two more strikes and then the ball stuck again. Then, I finished up with a spare and a strike."

Brown always has wanted to finish in the top 10 or 15 at the Open Championships and now has the opportunity to win a title.

"I've always wanted to place in the top 10 or 15," said Brown, who bowls league at Sun Villa Lanes. "I didn't think I would ever bowl well enough to take a lead. My higher-priority goal was to shoot 300 here. But, this might top it if I win."

Brown made his Open Championships debut at the 1993 event in Tulsa, Okla., after he was invited by a team captain who needed a bowler. He has been to every tournament since and has no plans of stopping. He is focused on additional spots in the record books as a member of the tournament's 50 and 60-Year Clubs.

This year's tournament was extra special for Brown because he has been dealing with the loss of both of his parents in the last three years. He dedicated his success on the tournament lanes to them.

"This tournament is for them," Brown said. "I had both of my parents pass away within three years, with my dad passing away in January. I actually haven't done much bowling this year. It's very emotional for me, and this tournament is for them."

Brown finished his 2011 Open Championships campaign with 563 in team and 537 in doubles for a 1,790 all-events total, which is good for sixth place in Classified All-Events. Mark Bylander of Vergas, Minn., leads with 1,842.

The Classified Division is for bowlers with entering averages of 180 and below.

Click here to watch video highlights from the 2011 Open Championships.
Presenting sponsors for the 2011 USBC Open Championships are Circus Circus, Eldorado Hotel Casino Reno and Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno. Other sponsors include Sands Regency Casino Hotel, official brackets sponsor, Kegel, official lane maintenance provider, Humana, official registration sponsor, US Steltronic, official scoring system, and supporting sponsors Storm Bowling Products, UPS, Nationwide Insurance, Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa, Harrah's Reno Casino and Hotel and Peppermill Hotel Casino.

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Winning at Bowling Speaks To All Bowlers

Listen if you are looking for the best in bowling information and down loadable books "Winning at Bowling" can have you bowling like a Pro Bowler in no time flat. Some of the best bowling techniques can be found in my resources link on my website. These have stood the test of time. Many have claimed that they know about ten pin bowling ,but take it from a real league bowler. I've BEEN THERE! AND DONE THAT!

Most of the information on my site is instant access to top bowling techniques to increase your bowling average tremendously with in a few days or even hours in some cases. We want to get the best info possible into your hands about how to bowl strikes, the approach, 4 step or 5step, cleaning up difficult spares and shots that are almost impossible to get.

Just think you can download the ebook right to your computer. Its' immediately at your finger tips. I've even printed out some key areas for me to focus on. When I go bowling the same mistakes can be rectified in a matter of minutes.

Now you can hire a bowling instructor for hands on training however I'm almost sure the fee for these bowling tips and instruction could cost you some good money. But I believe in trial and error! Learn at my own pace in other words. Try not to get frustrated and learn bowling the most natural way. I've seen Pro bowlers have the worst of days on the lane. So don't think your "Top Pro Bowlers" get it right every time. I can say they do have a lot of practice behind their averages. Most professional bowlers will bowl an average of 50 games per week just to get it right.

So when you have a chance just watch them on TV. You'll see for yourself even the best bowlers in the world will have a bad day from time to time. Single handed bowlers and two handed bowlers. Actually you might see the best and worst on the bowling lanes.

Written By Robert Eckert

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bowling Technique - Tips For You To Improve Your Bowling Score

Bowling is a complex art, requiring a lot of practice, concentration, and some luck along the way. But the funny thing about bowling is that there are hundreds of successful people making money in tournaments and leagues, who consistently place among the top finishers. After interviewing some of them, I was able to synthesize some important bowling technique tips and improve my bowling score by about 50 pins with just a bit of practice. Here are the five most important bowling technique tips they gave me to improve my bowling scores:

Bowling Technique Tip #1 - When you're taking your practice shots before a league game starts, practice aiming for strikes. Too many times bowlers miss the strike on their initial shot, and then attempt to pick up the spare. Why practice for picking up spares when you could be getting strikes every time? Aim for the sweet spot every time and don't worry about what pins are still standing.

Bowling Technique Tip #2 - Rest up. When you feel yourself getting tired, enough is enough. Practicing tired is going to wear out your muscles and overusing them can cause muscle strain. In tournaments this is sometimes unavoidable, so bring an Icy-Hot patch or Advil for the later rounds. In general, you want to preserve energy and keep the strain down during your swings so that you can continue to bowl well day in and day out.

Bowling Technique Tip #3 - Take care of your equipment - Brush your shoes with the wire brush to keep them sliding properly, clean and wax your ball regularly, and don't become attached to worn out equipment. If it isn't operating in prime condition, you're going to be overcompensating for your equipment's weakness, and practicing bad habits.

Bowling Technique Tip #4 - Keep your throwing arm loose and your grip on the ball relaxed. You can use inserts in the finger holes to make them smaller and allow you to maintain a tight grip on the ball without straining your finger muscles and adversely impacting the roll of the ball. This goes hand in hand with bowling technique tip #2, and it allows you to take advantage of any circumstance. The oiling of the lanes is different center-to-center or even day-to-day, so by letting the alley show you how to correct your throw, you can save time and hassle. Forcing the ball is the worst way to learn to adapt.

Bowling Technique Tip #5 - Positive Attitude is key. If you don't think that you're going to do well, then you probably won't, no matter how many of the bowling technique tips you use. Visualize your success, and sometimes you can't help but make it happen. This is the number one most important bowling technique tip of them all.

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your scores.

Beginning Bowling Technique - Do Not Overlook The Value Of Spares

New bowlers are often so excited to hit a bunch of pins that they are too distracted to hit the remaining pins on the second attempt. As you get more advanced at bowling, you might be able to concentrate on hitting some pins, but not with any concept of the importance of hitting the pins just right to take all of the remaining pins down. No matter how hard it is for you as a beginner to learn how to hit a strike each time, learning to make spares regularly is not that difficult and it will dramatically improve your scores. In fact, learning how to clean up with a spare is the first step to learning how to aim your bowling ball for regular strikes.

Secret to Spares that Most Beginning Bowlers Do not Know

Even if you own your own bowling ball, do not take your second attempt with that ball, nor should you use one of those pretty marble balls at the bowling alley on your attempt for a spare. The plain-colored balls supplied by the bowling alley are similar to what professional bowlers carry just for those rare occasions when they miss a strike and need a spare. These balls are drilled and weighted to roll perfectly straight, making it much easier for you to aim the ball at the pin you want to hit.


Most bowlers do not play with a time limit, so do not grab your ball as soon as it comes out and throw it right back down. Concentrate on being relaxed. Then concentrate on how you want the ball to hit the pin. Then imagine the ball coming out of your hand, going down the lane, and hitting the pin. Do not forget to throw the ball though.

In a very relaxed, postured stance, make your run and release the ball with a straight wrist. Your whole arm should be relaxed as it flows in an arc in the direction of the pin. Unless you have set up some kind of bad split, you do not need anything but a straight line aim.

Maybe It Is Not All Your Fault

If you find you just keep missing the target, there is a very remote possibility that you not the one at fault for your misses. Often an extremely dirty ball can take some really weird rolls. It is also possible that your ball needs polished or the floor needs a fresh coat of wax. If the ball does a lot of funny movements at the same point in the lane each time, there could be some fluid or a divot in the lane. But you will not make any friends or get extra help for throwing out accusations at bowling alley employees. Simply move over a lane and try a few different balls to find out if the problem is in the lane, ball, or you.

Are you a beginner bowler looking for more Tips For Bowling []? Or are you a seasoned bowler looking to take your game to the next level? You CAN dramatically improve your bowling if you have the right information. For more tips on bowling, go to: []

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