Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tips on Picking Your Pair Of Bowling Shoes!

Picking a comfortable pair of bowling shoes is an essential tool for better bowling.Use these important tips when you shop the next time for that next pair of relaxing bowling shoes.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Top Ten Commandments Of Ten Pin Bowling

1.)Thou shall not bowl with sneakers or street shoes on bowling lanes!

2.)Thou shall not forget to move their belongings to a secure area for safe walking!

3.)Thou shall not eat,drink or smoke in bowling area at anytime!

4.)Thou shall not forget the true meaning of lane courtesy!

5.)Thou shall not be late for your bowling league!

6.)Thou shall not get behind on league bowler fee's!

7.)Thou shall not distract fellow bowlers from bowling good!

8.)Thou shall not wander away from bowling lane when time to bowl!

9.)Thou shall not be dishonest about bowling scores at all!

10.)Thou shall not forget, bowling is a sport and should be treated as such!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting ready to bowl during the winter leagues!

It's time for the winter leagues!Time to get all your bowling equipment cleaned up and ready to ROLL!Dust off those bowling balls and buff those leather's on your bowling shoe's.

I will be ready coming this Aug.23,2008 to start my winter league.Just incase you like to keep up with my progress with my outstanding new ebook on winning at bowling.

I just can't wait to use the tips and techniques this bowling ebook has provided me!

Remember you can keep up with all the leagues and standings for all your favorite leagues at bowl.com or leaguesecretary.com !My league is called the STOMPERS league out of "North Carolina In Fayetteville".

Let me know how you are doing if you order the ebook!I know you will not be dissapointed!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Verify the league bowling averages and standings.

Hello Fellow Bowlers

Just incase you have'nt figured it out yet!I am a regular bowler just like everyone else in the summer and winter bowling leagues.I have a new bowling tip for you to consider the next time you head off to your next bowling tournament.

Most of the time you can find your leagues avg. and standings at leaguesecretary.com or bowl.com Verification of league averages is important to any tournament and handicap tournament.

So many bowlers arive at the tournament un-prepared for their competition.
Not only does this make the director of the tournament frustrated.You too will kick yourself for not having your USBC Sanctioned card with you stated your current avg.

Most of you either bowl in your Local and State Bowling Tournaments or helping others fill positions for other teams.The importance of you carrying your USBC Sanctioned card was to help verify your average for the past winter league you bowled.

Now granted not everyone can be a 200+ average bowler therefore you rely on your avg. to give you handicap to even the field.I know when you are faced with 220 to 265avg. bowlers you need all the help you can get when they base it all off of 100% of 210 avg. bowler or some cases 90% of 210 avg. bowler.

As far as standings go most of your league secretary's post your winning and losing records on bowling standing sheets.Which you get access to every week.This sometimes can help if you need a current avg. at the time of tournament.Some bowling directors will sometimes adjust your avg a few pins up or down according to the tournament rules.If you either lost pins or gained pins over a period of games bowled.

Which varies from year to year depending on if you bowled better or worse.
I hope this help with verifying your averages and standings.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Proper Bowling Technique For New Bowlers

Bowling is a wonderful sport for those who know the proper bowling technique to use. If you have an aversion to gutterballs, then using the proper technique will help. Knowing which way you should stand and what type of ball is all included in the proper bowling technique.

The first thing to learn when trying to find your proper bowling technique is in holding the bowling ball. There are three holes on the ball. The two together are for your middle fingers and the single hole is for your thumb. To hold the ball in the proper bowling technique, hold the ball with the palm of your hand facing upwards. Turn your thumb position to be more at the ten o'clock position and do not change this until you let it go. This is the proper bowling technique for holding the ball.

The second proper bowling technique is known as the approach. As the name suggests this proper bowling technique is when you move toward the lane to release the ball. The proper bowling technique for the approach begins about four and a half steps before the foul line. You should see dots on the lane. When you finish your approach, you should have your feet in the proper bowling technique for your dominant foot. If it is the right foot, the proper bowling technique for you is the center dot. If you are a left foot, it is the exact opposite.

Let us continue on to the proper bowling technique for getting a strike. Proper bowling technique is not in aiming for the first pin but to go for what is known as the pocket. If you have right hand dominance, your proper bowling technique is to aim between the one and three pin. If you are left hand dominant, your proper bowling technique is to aim for the one and two pin.

Releasing the ball also has a proper bowling technique. This is started when you are in your approach. Proper bowling technique combines the approach and the release together. The first step you take towards the dots is done with the right leg. Your right arm should be out. The second step brings the proper bowling technique with the arm pointed straight to the floor. The third step brings the proper bowling technique with the ball behind you and the forth step brings release. Once your feet come into their proper bowling technique at the dots, you release the ball in a roll and not a drop.

To get the ball down the lane in the right positioning for your proper bowling technique, aim for the arrows at the top of the lane. If you are right handed, aim for the second and third arrows to the left side. For left hander, aim for the same arrows on the opposite side. You now have all you need to start practicing on your proper bowling technique. Practice your bowling and enjoy your new sport!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Winning At Bowling

"Let's go bowling!"

That's become the rallying cry of almost thirty million Americans throughout the United States who take their exercise in extremely palatable form: rolling a hard ball down sixty feet of maple and pine toward ten standing pins. Today nearly everybody bowls mother, dad, the kids the whole family.

Though bowling can trace its beginnings in this country to the time of the earliest colonists in Massachusetts, it wasn't until the last decade that the sport began to boom. A number of events triggered its rebirth.

The first was the introduction, in 1952, of the American Machine & Foundry Company's Automatic Pinspotter—the remarkable device that resets the pins, announces which ones are knocked down and returns the ball—all automatically.

By replacing the often unreliable pinboy, it thereby made bowling an attractive investment for the entrepreneur. Million dollar bowling centers began to spring up in every section of the country. And people were waiting for these centers because another factor had whetted their appetite for the sport. That was television.

The type of competition bowling offers lends itself remarkably well to TV. Scores and scores of locally originated television programs as well as several full network productions introduced bowling to millions upon millions of Americans who had never been exposed to the fun of knocking down the stubborn ten pins.

Today, nearly thirty-million Americans bowl regularly. Of these, approximately ten million are women; one and a half million are children. And there are more than a million new bowlers who take up the sport each year. Bowling knows no bounds; anyone, at any stage of life, can become its devotee.

The purpose of this ebook was to help all bowlers become better at bowling.To teach you basic bowling skills and to improve your bowling average in the quickest amount of time.Maybe even refresh your memory on the most biggest mistakes bowlers make most often.Simply put is to remind even the "Best of Bowlers", even they can use a reminder of what mistakes they are making on the lanes when things go wrong.

Remember lane conditions can change fast and if you do not know the corections to make you will only get frustrated and take you mind off of the intended target.Yes the 1-3 pocket and for all the lefties the 1-2 pocket.

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the most interesting points for new bowlers to improve their ten-pin bowling skills.