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3 Ten Pin Bowling Tips

Bowling is a very popular sport, both for its challenges as well as the social aspects. The sport is played by both young and old alike, in almost every country around the world. The sport is also played professionally in several of these countries, and you can find a competitive league in almost every city in the U.S.

Whether you play for the competitive aspects of the game or simply for the fun and enjoyment you receive from the social aspects, improving your skills and becoming a more consistent bowler is a goal that will benefit you. Why settle for mediocrity or poor scores when you can take just a few small steps to improve your game? 

Implement these 3 ten pin bowling tips and watch your scores improve dramatically, but be prepared to answer questions from friends and family about how you did it.

Keep a Positive Attitude - Lets admit it, bowling can be a frustrating game. Nobody enjoys struggling to break 100 or having your score beaten by the young kid in the lane next to you. Bowl consistently is challenging, but not impossible for the average bowler. The first step is keeping a positive attitude, and having the desire for improvement. As in all things in life a positive attitude will take you far in your pursuit to become a more consistent bowler
Good Coaching - Yes there are bowling coaches. A lot of people I talk to do not realize getting good coaching is an option, but this is a great way to learn more about the game and to improve your skills. A coach is able to watch and analyze your movements to see what you are doing right and what you're doing wrong. Both individual lessons as well as group lessons are available.
Practice - In order to get better you need to practice, there is no way around this. If you only bowl once a month but expect to maintain a 160 average you are kidding yourself. It is recommended that you develop a practice plan, your coach can help with this, so that you are focused on those areas you need to improve and not just "bowling a few games".

By consistently applying these 3 ten pin bowling tips you will see results and improvement to your scores.   But while we all want to increase our scores, the pleasure we receive from the game should come from the game itself, the people we associate with, and in the process of working to find consistency.  These attributes combined with the ten pin bowling tips of a positive attitude, good coaching, and practice will not only increase your scores but increase your enjoyment of the game.

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Knowing One's Bowling Ball

When it come to playing bowling, it is only practical that one uses a bowling ball to achieve this. The bowling ball used here mainly constitutes of plastic, reactive resin, urethane or at times a combination of all these. Although all are round in nature, there have varying traits that comes with them not to mention a distinct feeling that separates them compared to others.

There are two basic sizes when it comes to looking at bowling balls. Here we have the ten-pin balls and the five-pin bowling ball. A ten-pin bowling ball in terms of weight have not specified weight in terms of how light it can be but at the same time can weigh up to 7kgs. Its circumference reaches approximately 68.5 cm. The ten-pin ball has a set of three holes that are drilled into it to offer support for the bowler when playing. To get the mush needed support, the ring, middle, and the thumb finger get to be put in the three drilled holes. Also we have the five-pin bowling ball which unlike the ten-pin bowling ball it has no drilled holes in it. To play this ball, one has to hold it by the palm when in the process of throwing it. This is made possible by the smallness of this ball.

Looking further at how best to hold the bowling balls that have holes drilled in them, there are several ways that this can be achieved for a good strike. There are mainly three types of grips that can be used when playing a bowling ball. There is the conventional grip in which the bowler's ring and the middle finger are placed into the ball up to the second joint. This type of grip mainly is seen good for the beginners since it allows for maximum grip when it comes to holding the bowling ball. In the fingertip grip, on the other hand the middle finger and the ring finger holes accept the bowler's finger up to the first joint. The last type of grip is the semi-finger tip in which the bowler puts his or her finger between the first and second joint. This allows in most cases a clean release of the ball ensuring that the ball rotates as the bowler want it to. Strokers prefer this last type of grip since it generates less hook upon release.

Inside the balls, a core dictates how the ball is to behave. These cores get to be imbalanced to which as a result try to stabilize the ball when it is on motion down the lane. This in the process makes the ball roll over a different part of the surface when it is thrown and it is on motion. The cores here are made from different densities as required by the ball it is to be used for. In these densities, there can be the center heavy known as low rig while others are made with the weight distributed towards the cover of the ball.

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Ten Pin Bowling Tips and Techniques

You might be wondering what ten pin bowling is. In the US, it is simply referred to as "bowling", but the term "ten pin bowling" is especially used in the UK so it would not be mixed with other bowling types like five pin bowling or lawn bowling for example. Bowling can be enjoyed by all ages especially when the bowler knows the basics and needed techniques and tips.

To start with, a bowler needs to be familiar with equipment, common terminologies and etiquette around the bowling alley. Ten bowling pins are used in bowling, each of around 3 pounds and 4 ounces and 3 pounds and 10 ounces. The bowling ball on the other hand can be made from rubber or plastic or a combination of materials. Most bowling balls in ten pin bowling have three holes - one for the middle finger, the ring finger, and the thumb. The bowler needs to choose his bowling ball with caution and make sure he is comfortable with handling it before going to his/her bowling game. Be aware that bowling balls do not weigh more than 16 pounds.

At times, it can be rather difficult to overcome the fear of running the gutter since once the ball is in the gutter, it does not hit any pins down. The important key in this case would be to focus on how to bowl and to make sure that you are physically prepared as well (you can do so by warming up and stretching). If you had one of the bowling balls in the gutter, simply focus and get the negative thoughts out of your head so you would not get distracted.

Strike! You probably heard this term a lot before even knowing how to bowl because this is considered the ultimate goal of the game; scoring consistent strikes where you hit all ten pins in the first ball- thus, getting 10 points! When you can't bowl a strike, do not feel down because strikes are usually the result of a collective effort over time.

Here are some bowling tips to give you better idea how to do ten pin bowling. Some of the recommended mental tips to give you a close look and better idea on how to do ten pin bowling are:

1 - Be a timely bowler: know when to start preparing (stretch and warm up), when to go next up on the lane, and when to release your ball - even the little details might even pay off in the total game results.

2 - Get your head in the game: once you are too tense or too relaxed (taking things lightly), you might actually get distracted and through the bowling ball completely out of the lane and into the gutter. Follow what is going on, keep a keen eye on the game and not go about wandering around the bowling alley.

Bowling is a game which reaps result if you follow on its both mental and physical tips and techniques.

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Tips For Bowling To Achieve Consistent Strikes and Spares

Bowling strikes and cleaning up spares require that you concentrate and relax throughout your bowling motions. In case you don't know yet, a strike is when you knock down all ten pins on your first attempt. A spare is when you knock down all ten pins over the course of your two attempts. It is very hard to score points in bowling when you fail to at least get a spare. Here are some tips for bowling that will help you with your strikes and spares.

The first step to good bowling is learning to recognize the condition of the bowling lane. You need to take note of whether the lane is oily, with balls sliding a lot, or dry, with balls mostly rolling. Neither one of them is any easier than the other, but you do need to realize which you are dealing with.

Always visualize yourself bowling the strike or spare before you make an attempt. You want to then go out and make your attempt just like you visualized, so it is important that your visualized attempt included a smooth motion and a proper release. After proper visualization, you just go out and do what you visualized. A benefit to visualizing this way is that you are always making your attempts at strikes and spares with a clear plan in mind of how the ball will travel and how you will hit the pins. The biggest mistake a new bowler can make is just trying to toss a bowling ball down the center of the lane and hoping it hits something, without any specific goal in mind.

It used to be the hardest part of learning how to bowl was keeping score. It is truly a complex game to learn how to score in the beginning, but fortunately nearly all bowling alleys now feature computers that calculate your scores for you. The important thing to remember is that you get a lot of bonus points beyond the number of pins you hit when you hit consecutive strikes. You want to at least get spares when you can't get strikes or you could find yourself ending with a double digit score. You might note someone calling you a turkey or a chicken during the game. Don't worry, those are compliments in bowling. A turkey is three strikes in a row, while a chicken is three spares in a row.

Beginners should really concentrate more on learning to throw the ball straight. Spins are more for the professionals, and you can hurt yourself twisting your wrist instead of your fingers. It isn't unusual for a beginner to score in the triple digits by simply throwing a plastic ball straight towards the pins of choice. This is particularly true when trying to clean up with a spare. The best part of a plastic ball that travels straight is that the type of surface doesn't need to be gaged and calibrated in order to bowl straight. You can always learn how to play with hooks after you are consistently a triple digit bowler, but the straight shots will still serve you well.

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Ten Pin Bowling Tips For All

In order to have a good bowling game there are ten pin bowling tips that can be taken into consideration and used during both practice and actual competition. The first thing to consider when playing is that the right state of mind should be in place. No matter how good you are at playing the game if your mind is clogged up due to one reason or another then the quality of the game goes down, as does the score. As such, the mental preparation you undertake should ensure that you are prepared for the game and that you are fully aware of your surroundings. Before every game whether in competition or not you must warm up. This is applicable to all sports and bowling is no different. Warm up is good in order to avoid straining the muscles and to avoid any injury. The better the warm up the readier the muscles are for the game.

Using the appropriate equipment is another one of the ten pin bowling tips for the players. The shoes must fit correctly and they must be clean. If the insole is oily then the chances of slipping and falling are great. The right ball should be chosen for 10-pin bowling, as it should be the right weight to allow for an accurate shot. If it is too light or too heavy then chances for a weak shot increase. As you approach the line for the shot there are certain things that need to be taken considered. The first thing is you need to look at are the markings on the lane. These are used to accurately decide where the ball is to be thrown in order to have maximum impact. Depending on whether you are right or left-handed look at the line, marking that is the second arrow from the outside edge of the lane. It should be on both sides of the lane and is a good indicator on where the ball needs to be tossed.

The feet should be close together and the shoulders should be at right angles to the forearms. When taking the swing the left foot should be flat on the ground and the body should be leaning forward. With the right leg swinging naturally as you, toss the ball aim for the target arrow on the lane. The ball should be released with the palm facing upwards and for a perfect spin that floors all the pins there needs to be a lot of practice being done.

Always keep the left foot out of the balls reach to avoid injury and release the thumb first in order for the ball to roll off the rest of the fingers with ease.

Rotating the ball allows more pins to be knocked down and the better you are at rolling and or spinning the ball the more pins that are going to be knocked down. In order to get better at bowling and knocking down the pins there needs to be practice done on a consistent.

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