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Bowling Technique - Tips For You To Improve Your Bowling Score

Bowling is a complex art, requiring a lot of practice, concentration, and some luck along the way. But the funny thing about bowling is that there are hundreds of successful people making money in tournaments and leagues, who consistently place among the top finishers. After interviewing some of them, I was able to synthesize some important bowling technique tips and improve my bowling score by about 50 pins with just a bit of practice. Here are the five most important bowling technique tips they gave me to improve my bowling scores:

Bowling Technique Tip #1 - When you're taking your practice shots before a league game starts, practice aiming for strikes. Too many times bowlers miss the strike on their initial shot, and then attempt to pick up the spare. Why practice for picking up spares when you could be getting strikes every time? Aim for the sweet spot every time and don't worry about what pins are still standing.

Bowling Technique Tip #2 - Rest up. When you feel yourself getting tired, enough is enough. Practicing tired is going to wear out your muscles and overusing them can cause muscle strain. In tournaments this is sometimes unavoidable, so bring an Icy-Hot patch or Advil for the later rounds. In general, you want to preserve energy and keep the strain down during your swings so that you can continue to bowl well day in and day out.

Bowling Technique Tip #3 - Take care of your equipment - Brush your shoes with the wire brush to keep them sliding properly, clean and wax your ball regularly, and don't become attached to worn out equipment. If it isn't operating in prime condition, you're going to be overcompensating for your equipment's weakness, and practicing bad habits.

Bowling Technique Tip #4 - Keep your throwing arm loose and your grip on the ball relaxed. You can use inserts in the finger holes to make them smaller and allow you to maintain a tight grip on the ball without straining your finger muscles and adversely impacting the roll of the ball. This goes hand in hand with bowling technique tip #2, and it allows you to take advantage of any circumstance. The oiling of the lanes is different center-to-center or even day-to-day, so by letting the alley show you how to correct your throw, you can save time and hassle. Forcing the ball is the worst way to learn to adapt.

Bowling Technique Tip #5 - Positive Attitude is key. If you don't think that you're going to do well, then you probably won't, no matter how many of the bowling technique tips you use. Visualize your success, and sometimes you can't help but make it happen. This is the number one most important bowling technique tip of them all.

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your scores.

Beginning Bowling Technique - Do Not Overlook The Value Of Spares

New bowlers are often so excited to hit a bunch of pins that they are too distracted to hit the remaining pins on the second attempt. As you get more advanced at bowling, you might be able to concentrate on hitting some pins, but not with any concept of the importance of hitting the pins just right to take all of the remaining pins down. No matter how hard it is for you as a beginner to learn how to hit a strike each time, learning to make spares regularly is not that difficult and it will dramatically improve your scores. In fact, learning how to clean up with a spare is the first step to learning how to aim your bowling ball for regular strikes.

Secret to Spares that Most Beginning Bowlers Do not Know

Even if you own your own bowling ball, do not take your second attempt with that ball, nor should you use one of those pretty marble balls at the bowling alley on your attempt for a spare. The plain-colored balls supplied by the bowling alley are similar to what professional bowlers carry just for those rare occasions when they miss a strike and need a spare. These balls are drilled and weighted to roll perfectly straight, making it much easier for you to aim the ball at the pin you want to hit.


Most bowlers do not play with a time limit, so do not grab your ball as soon as it comes out and throw it right back down. Concentrate on being relaxed. Then concentrate on how you want the ball to hit the pin. Then imagine the ball coming out of your hand, going down the lane, and hitting the pin. Do not forget to throw the ball though.

In a very relaxed, postured stance, make your run and release the ball with a straight wrist. Your whole arm should be relaxed as it flows in an arc in the direction of the pin. Unless you have set up some kind of bad split, you do not need anything but a straight line aim.

Maybe It Is Not All Your Fault

If you find you just keep missing the target, there is a very remote possibility that you not the one at fault for your misses. Often an extremely dirty ball can take some really weird rolls. It is also possible that your ball needs polished or the floor needs a fresh coat of wax. If the ball does a lot of funny movements at the same point in the lane each time, there could be some fluid or a divot in the lane. But you will not make any friends or get extra help for throwing out accusations at bowling alley employees. Simply move over a lane and try a few different balls to find out if the problem is in the lane, ball, or you.

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Bowling Techniques You Need to Know

If you want to be a good bowler, then you need to know the proper bowling techniques. Knowing these techniques will make you a better bowler, and will help you have more fun with this great game.

Essential Tips For Proper Technique

There are many tips that you can learn for being a good bowler, and there are a wide array of techniques. However, if you follow these technique tips, you will be a better bowler very quickly.

1. Make sure you keep your head up, shoulders square and eyes on the target.

2. Grip the ball the right way and have a ball that is fitted for you so your fingers don't get stuck if the swell.

3. If you are right handed, start two arrows right of the middle and do the reverse if you are left handed. This is one of the best bowling techniques you can use.

4. Focus on the target you are aiming at.

5. Take some time to relax yourself. Take some easy deep breaths before you begin your swing.

6. Do not rush your delivery and keep it smooth...that way you won't be way off the mark.

7. Ensure you stay balanced and upright, while focusing on where the ball is going to go.

8. When you release the ball, keep your arm straight, or slightly bent and make a smooth arc from back to front as you move down the lane towards the foul line.

9. Follow through and maintain the position of pointing where you want the ball to go until it is down the lane and heading to the pins.

A useful tip is to also watch the bowling techniques of the bowlers around you. You can learn a lot just by observing how professional bowlers look when they are on television as well.

How To Bowl Strikes
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Are You Searching For The Ultimate Bowling Tip and Technique?

It seems like bowlers everywhere are frequently in search of the ever elusive bowling tip and technique that promises to perfect their game. Surprisingly, there is no perfect bowling tip and technique, due to the fact that there are no right or wrong methods or styles. Bowlers, both novice and professional, discuss different methods that work for them, but may not for someone else. Hence the acceptance of the statement, there is no 'right or wrong' bowling tip and technique.

We will be discussing some ways of improving your game by listing a bowling tip and technique with its respective explanation. The first bowling tip and technique to keep in mind is stretching before you begin. Bowling, just like any other sport, requires you to warm up your muscles.

The next bowling tip and technique includes two important posture related techniques,

- Balance line- consists of timing your movement and balance over your leading foot, to accomplish the most beneficial amount of energy when releasing the ball.

The second posture related bowling tip and technique is as follows:

- Spine posture- a fifteen degree angle from the beginning to the end of your delivery is recommended.

Each posture related bowling tip and technique directly influences the angle of your swing, and increases your knowledge of basic bowling techniques.

The next bowling tip and technique refers to your swing, or your delivery of the ball. While keeping your grip relaxed (making sure not to squeeze the thumb) let the swing begin at your shoulder, allowing the weight of the ball to lead the swing. A more in-depth bowling tip and technique for your arm swing is keeping your swing and elbow in close to your side as you deliver the ball.

Proper hand positioning is another important bowling tip and technique. Always remember to keep a relaxed grip, and when holding the ball in stance, let the pinkies touch on the underside of the ball, while spreading the rest of your fingers.

A useful bowling tip and technique for picking up spares is to face the pins you are aiming for. Use the hook position, but try not to use the snap wrist release.

Learning to analyze your game is an excellent bowling tip and technique. Pay close attention to what works and what doesn't. Learning from others helps also.

A bowling tip and technique concerning lane conditions is to watch our ball. If it favors the right, try bowling from the right then the left. A bowling tip and technique for dry lanes are to move to the left on your approach, and for oily lanes, move to the right on your approach.

The next bowling tip and technique addressed, concerns the type of ball to use. We suggest a highly polished plastic ball for exceedingly dry lanes. Perhaps the best bowling tip and technique is to remember that bowling can be a great sport for fun or competition, give it a chance and see which way the ball rolls.

All in all, the best bowling tip that one can get is to never stop learning. Bowling is a sport that is constantly changing, and one of the only ways to stay on top of your game is to learn new techniques from the masters of the sport.

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your scores.