Saturday, May 24, 2008

Winning At Bowling

"Let's go bowling!"

That's become the rallying cry of almost thirty million Americans throughout the United States who take their exercise in extremely palatable form: rolling a hard ball down sixty feet of maple and pine toward ten standing pins. Today nearly everybody bowls mother, dad, the kids the whole family.

Though bowling can trace its beginnings in this country to the time of the earliest colonists in Massachusetts, it wasn't until the last decade that the sport began to boom. A number of events triggered its rebirth.

The first was the introduction, in 1952, of the American Machine & Foundry Company's Automatic Pinspotter—the remarkable device that resets the pins, announces which ones are knocked down and returns the ball—all automatically.

By replacing the often unreliable pinboy, it thereby made bowling an attractive investment for the entrepreneur. Million dollar bowling centers began to spring up in every section of the country. And people were waiting for these centers because another factor had whetted their appetite for the sport. That was television.

The type of competition bowling offers lends itself remarkably well to TV. Scores and scores of locally originated television programs as well as several full network productions introduced bowling to millions upon millions of Americans who had never been exposed to the fun of knocking down the stubborn ten pins.

Today, nearly thirty-million Americans bowl regularly. Of these, approximately ten million are women; one and a half million are children. And there are more than a million new bowlers who take up the sport each year. Bowling knows no bounds; anyone, at any stage of life, can become its devotee.

The purpose of this ebook was to help all bowlers become better at bowling.To teach you basic bowling skills and to improve your bowling average in the quickest amount of time.Maybe even refresh your memory on the most biggest mistakes bowlers make most often.Simply put is to remind even the "Best of Bowlers", even they can use a reminder of what mistakes they are making on the lanes when things go wrong.

Remember lane conditions can change fast and if you do not know the corections to make you will only get frustrated and take you mind off of the intended target.Yes the 1-3 pocket and for all the lefties the 1-2 pocket.

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the most interesting points for new bowlers to improve their ten-pin bowling skills.

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