Thursday, June 12, 2008

Verify the league bowling averages and standings.

Hello Fellow Bowlers

Just incase you have'nt figured it out yet!I am a regular bowler just like everyone else in the summer and winter bowling leagues.I have a new bowling tip for you to consider the next time you head off to your next bowling tournament.

Most of the time you can find your leagues avg. and standings at or Verification of league averages is important to any tournament and handicap tournament.

So many bowlers arive at the tournament un-prepared for their competition.
Not only does this make the director of the tournament frustrated.You too will kick yourself for not having your USBC Sanctioned card with you stated your current avg.

Most of you either bowl in your Local and State Bowling Tournaments or helping others fill positions for other teams.The importance of you carrying your USBC Sanctioned card was to help verify your average for the past winter league you bowled.

Now granted not everyone can be a 200+ average bowler therefore you rely on your avg. to give you handicap to even the field.I know when you are faced with 220 to 265avg. bowlers you need all the help you can get when they base it all off of 100% of 210 avg. bowler or some cases 90% of 210 avg. bowler.

As far as standings go most of your league secretary's post your winning and losing records on bowling standing sheets.Which you get access to every week.This sometimes can help if you need a current avg. at the time of tournament.Some bowling directors will sometimes adjust your avg a few pins up or down according to the tournament rules.If you either lost pins or gained pins over a period of games bowled.

Which varies from year to year depending on if you bowled better or worse.
I hope this help with verifying your averages and standings.

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