Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bowling in the Stompers League

Bowling in the Stompers League.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen how are your bowling leagues going this year? Mine has been a blast. I've already shot 704 scratch this year with a nice game of 279. You know how close that was to shooting a perfect game of 300. Let's just say,I hate a hanging 7 pin.Bowling in the Stompers League is so much FUN!

With all the new bowling tips that my ebook is providing me. It is really starting to pay off in so many ways. My pin count is higher on my most difficult spares and my strike ratio is getting more persistent than ever before. I'm averaging around 212per game on 2 different oil patterns. I always liked a house shot with a little back-end in the last 15 ft. of the bowling lane.

Our team is in 4th Place after 10 weeks of bowling. Which at one time we held 1st place for about 4 weeks. But the competition is fierce,not to mention the healthy handicap some of the teams are getting. I know everyone know's exactly what,I'm talking about when it come's to new bowlers

I know, I was one of them just a few short years ago! But anyways ,I thought you would like to know how my progress was going with my new e-book and the wonderful bowling tips and techniques that are changing the way I bowl and to encourage you to keep up with my success.

If you like you can check out my standings anytime at www.leaguesecretary.com come find me I'm bowling in the Stompers League!

Robert Eckert

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