Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bowling Is Cancelled For Inclement Weather

What to do when bowling is cancelled for inclement weather. First off verify it is cancelled through your league secretary or president of the league. Secondly Call you bowling alley to find out indeed it has been cancelled by an executive officer from the bowling league you bowl on.

Never trust someone who does not bowl with you on your league. Thirdly call your team on the phone and advise them it has been cancelled do to the inclement weather. Give them specific information so the can avoid a costly trip to the bowling alley.

Last but not least keep a good eye on your local weather incase you head out for your bowling league. Sometime it is a good idea to play the radio on the way to the bowling center. Or text messaging could save you from being very frustrated if you cannot bowl when you arrive.

This type of cancellation happens from time to time in a regular league season but do not worry.Your League President and League Secretary have already taken immediate action by notifying your bowling alley and making attempts to contact bowlers.Just incase your Team Captain cannot reach you.

Most bowling leagues already have a plan of action on "How to deal with inclement weather" for your safety and others.Do not worry it only adds a week onto the bowling league. It will not cost you anymore on the league either.

I am sure they will be glad to know they did not have too risk there lives for a few games of bowling. Not to mention having a break from riding back and forth spending gas money for no apparent reason. If you are a regular league bowler you will be glad to receive a message preventing you from being on the road and driving in the pending inclement weather.

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