Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bowling 200+ Avg. for 5 Years

Hello, My fellow bowlers

I usually don't do alot of writing so her goes.Just about 10 years
ago,I was one of the worst bowlers you ever seen on a pair of lanes.
Oh yeah,I would be the one you see going down the lanes with bowling
ball still in my hands.Sliding about 15 ft. of the lanes.Oh, yes and
boy did it hurt.

My bowling ball handling lack to be desired also.I remember loosing
the ball several times. You know that big loud thug.Then everyone at
the lanes is looking hard to see what looney did'nt know how to
bowl. I raise my hand and smile real big,like I know,I suck at

So many times, I had bruises all up and down my elbow's and knee's.
I "said to myself" It has to be a better way to control the way,I go
to the foul line.I knew from the start,I had to be doing it wrong,
but was to embarrassed to ask for help.

It was'nt long before,I started watching other bowler's bowl and
how they approached the foul line.Some would throw straight and some
had a back up throw which would turn opposite of the way it was
supposed to go.Then,I had my calling.I remember seeing this older
gentlemen bowling and thought well he should'nt be all that good at

So,I ask the older gentlemen could,I bowl with him,you know just a
friendly game to past the time.He replied,I guess but ,I don't bowl
for money.I said "no problem"!

The funny thing is really did'nt know this man at all,never seen
before in my life.Then when he went to put the names in he typed in
DW and he asked "what's you name" I replied RE sir,trying to be
funny.Of course if,I had knew who this was at the time,I would of
been alot more serious and anxious to bowl with him.

Well,by this time he's already laying out all his bowling
accessories on the table.You know these high tech bowling shoe's
bowling tape and bowling wrist protector.

I pull my $49.95 dollar bowling ball out you know the cheap bowling
shoes that cost $29.95 out he looked at me then looked away.I could
of seen his little grin when he turned.But,it did'nt matter,I was
going to kick some butt.Well,at least that was my mentality at the

I wish, I would of knew who this mysterious bowler was since he did
look like someone,I had seen before.

So we started to bowl and of course as nice as this old man was he
let me go first of course.So I bowl the first ball and get an eight
count, I pick up the spare and come back and snicker a little bit.

He said can ,I have at least a practice throw.I said "Sure"!
So he gets about 8 ft. from the foul line he line's his feet up on
the lanes and pulls his ball close to his body like a statue stands
there about 2-3 seconds and takes his first step of five steps to
the foul line.

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