Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 Ten Pin Bowling Tips

Bowling is a very popular sport, both for its challenges as well as the social aspects. The sport is played by both young and old alike, in almost every country around the world. The sport is also played professionally in several of these countries, and you can find a competitive league in almost every city in the U.S.

Whether you play for the competitive aspects of the game or simply for the fun and enjoyment you receive from the social aspects, improving your skills and becoming a more consistent bowler is a goal that will benefit you. Why settle for mediocrity or poor scores when you can take just a few small steps to improve your game? 

Implement these 3 ten pin bowling tips and watch your scores improve dramatically, but be prepared to answer questions from friends and family about how you did it.

Keep a Positive Attitude - Lets admit it, bowling can be a frustrating game. Nobody enjoys struggling to break 100 or having your score beaten by the young kid in the lane next to you. Bowl consistently is challenging, but not impossible for the average bowler. The first step is keeping a positive attitude, and having the desire for improvement. As in all things in life a positive attitude will take you far in your pursuit to become a more consistent bowler
Good Coaching - Yes there are bowling coaches. A lot of people I talk to do not realize getting good coaching is an option, but this is a great way to learn more about the game and to improve your skills. A coach is able to watch and analyze your movements to see what you are doing right and what you're doing wrong. Both individual lessons as well as group lessons are available.
Practice - In order to get better you need to practice, there is no way around this. If you only bowl once a month but expect to maintain a 160 average you are kidding yourself. It is recommended that you develop a practice plan, your coach can help with this, so that you are focused on those areas you need to improve and not just "bowling a few games".

By consistently applying these 3 ten pin bowling tips you will see results and improvement to your scores.   But while we all want to increase our scores, the pleasure we receive from the game should come from the game itself, the people we associate with, and in the process of working to find consistency.  These attributes combined with the ten pin bowling tips of a positive attitude, good coaching, and practice will not only increase your scores but increase your enjoyment of the game.

For those in search of the elusive 300 game, you can find more ten pin bowling tips and other great information about how to improve your game and increase your scores at

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