Friday, December 24, 2010

Bowling Technique - Tips For You To Improve Your Bowling Score

Bowling is a complex art, requiring a lot of practice, concentration, and some luck along the way. But the funny thing about bowling is that there are hundreds of successful people making money in tournaments and leagues, who consistently place among the top finishers. After interviewing some of them, I was able to synthesize some important bowling technique tips and improve my bowling score by about 50 pins with just a bit of practice. Here are the five most important bowling technique tips they gave me to improve my bowling scores:

Bowling Technique Tip #1 - When you're taking your practice shots before a league game starts, practice aiming for strikes. Too many times bowlers miss the strike on their initial shot, and then attempt to pick up the spare. Why practice for picking up spares when you could be getting strikes every time? Aim for the sweet spot every time and don't worry about what pins are still standing.

Bowling Technique Tip #2 - Rest up. When you feel yourself getting tired, enough is enough. Practicing tired is going to wear out your muscles and overusing them can cause muscle strain. In tournaments this is sometimes unavoidable, so bring an Icy-Hot patch or Advil for the later rounds. In general, you want to preserve energy and keep the strain down during your swings so that you can continue to bowl well day in and day out.

Bowling Technique Tip #3 - Take care of your equipment - Brush your shoes with the wire brush to keep them sliding properly, clean and wax your ball regularly, and don't become attached to worn out equipment. If it isn't operating in prime condition, you're going to be overcompensating for your equipment's weakness, and practicing bad habits.

Bowling Technique Tip #4 - Keep your throwing arm loose and your grip on the ball relaxed. You can use inserts in the finger holes to make them smaller and allow you to maintain a tight grip on the ball without straining your finger muscles and adversely impacting the roll of the ball. This goes hand in hand with bowling technique tip #2, and it allows you to take advantage of any circumstance. The oiling of the lanes is different center-to-center or even day-to-day, so by letting the alley show you how to correct your throw, you can save time and hassle. Forcing the ball is the worst way to learn to adapt.

Bowling Technique Tip #5 - Positive Attitude is key. If you don't think that you're going to do well, then you probably won't, no matter how many of the bowling technique tips you use. Visualize your success, and sometimes you can't help but make it happen. This is the number one most important bowling technique tip of them all.

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your scores.

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