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Williams, Allen shatter PABCON doubles record


By Lucas Wiseman
USBC Communications

RESULTS: Doubles | All-events

GUADALAJARA, Mexico - Team USA's Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Patrick Allen didn't just break the all-time Pan American Bowling Confederation Men's Championships record in doubles on Tuesday, they blew past it with ease.

Williams and Allen combined to shoot a six-game total of 2,917, an average of 243.08, at Bolerama Tapatio, eclipsing the previous record of 2,788 set in 2009 by their teammates Chris Barnes and Tommy Jones.

Allen led the pair with 1,461, while Williams contributed 1,456 in the winning effort. Canada's Dan MacLelland and Michael Schmidt took the silver medal with 2,742, while Puerto Rico's Bruno Diaz and Andro Simounet earned the bronze with 2,720.

The Americans entered the final doubles block knowing they needed a big performance after their teammates were out of medal contention from the morning session.

"After the performance this morning, we knew it was either us or nobody for a medal," Allen said. "It was just time for us to rise to the occasion so the team didn't get shut out."

The gold medalists got out of the gate fast with Williams starting with games of 298 and 278, while Allen opened with 247 and 233. They eventually pulled away from the Canadians in the final two games.

"I was surprised the scores weren't higher on the first block, but I knew there were still some pretty good bowlers on our squad," said Williams, who opened the block with 11 straight strikes before leaving the 2-8. "Fortunately, I had a real good look early on and Patrick bowled well, too."

Team USA's Mike Fagan, who also opened the day with a 298 game, and Wes Malott finished doubles in 10th place with 2,578. Barnes and Bill O'Neill were 11th with 2,576.

With two events to go in the all-events race, Allen leads the field with 2,810 for 12 games, an average of 234.17. MacLelland is second with 2,802, while Colombia's Manuel Otalora is third with 2,753.

As for the rest of the Americans, Williams is fifth, Fagan is sixth, Barnes is 10th, O'Neill is 11th and Malott sits in 18th. The top 16 players in all-events after 24 games advance to Friday's final event, the match-play Masters.

Action shifts to the trios event Wednesday morning with Barnes, Fagan and O'Neill teaming up and Malott, Allen and Williams joining forces for the United States.

The PABCON Men's Championships features teams in the American Zone competing in five-player team, trios, doubles, singles, all-events and match-play Masters.

At Bolerama Tapaito, Guadalajara, Mexico

(Top 5; Six games)

1, Walter Ray Williams Jr./Patrick Allen, United States, 2,917. 2, Dan MacLelland/Michael Schmidt, Canada, 2,742. 3, Bruno Diaz/Andro Simounet, Puerto Rico, 2,720. 4, Marcos Baeza/Ricardo Lecuona, Mexico, 2,670. 5, Francisco Prats/Rafael Sebelen, Dominican Republic, 2,660.

(Top 10; 12 of 24 games completed)

1, Patrick Allen, United States, 2,810. 2, Dan MacLelland, Canada, 2,802. 3, Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 2,753. 4, Ernesto Franco, Mexico, 2,747. 5, Walter Ray Williams Jr., United States, 2,743. 6, Mike Fagan, United States, 2,731. 7, Michael Schmidt, Canada, 2,712. 8, Andro Simounet, Puerto Rico, 2,680. 9, Francisco Colon, Puerto Rico, 2,661. 10, Chris Barnes, United States, 2,648. Other U.S. players: 11, Bill O'Neill, 2,638. 18, Wes Malott, 2,582.

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