Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to reality


By Matt Cannizzaro
USBC Communications

Hello everyone.

So much has changed in the last few weeks.

In that time, I have driven nearly 4,500 miles from Reno to Fort Worth, Fort Worth to Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale back to Fort Worth.

I've said goodbye to new friends, reunited with old ones and even had a chance to relax a little bit and enjoy some sunshine. On my way through Florida, I had the opportunity to take down a 3-pound cheeseburger. It was all quite an adventure.

The National Bowling Stadium and this year's USBC Open Championships now are just memories. Gone are the days with 21 hours of crashing pins, the lines of team captains waiting to check in and the waves of bowlers headed back to the scale room. No longer does the national anthem let me know that it's 2:30ish and time for lunch.

No one has the front seven, and there won't be any new leaders today. We won't be handing out any bronze medals or 30 Clean awards, and no one will be wondering what the low-to-cash numbers are.

I am back at my desk at the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas, and it's eerily quiet. The workday here is much more structured with less freedom to roam, and it takes some getting used to. At the tournament, if I get a little restless, I can go watch bowling or chat with some bowlers in the stands.

Scores for the 2010 USBC Open Championships have been finalized, the final prize checks are being stuffed and mailed as I type this, awards all have been ordered and the website already has been updated to promote and reflect the 2011 tournament, which is scheduled to begin on March 4, 2011.

It's much different this half of the year, but it's also a good opportunity to regroup and look ahead to next year.

For the next few months, I will dive into other projects and tournaments, but helping the Open Championships succeed as is travels to the same city in consecutive years for the first time won't be far from my mind.

That's the news for now. See you on the lanes.

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