Friday, November 12, 2010

Bowl a Strike - How to Spin a Bowling Ball

Learning how to spin a bowling ball correctly will surely improve your bowling game and have you bowl a strike in no time. If you are often left feeling disappointed at your bowling score, feel something is missing from your game or simply feel ready to take your bowling technique to the next level, keep reading for bowling tips.

Ten pin bowling pins are actually 12" apart so when you bowl a strike you need to cause the pins to knock each other over. Learning how to spin a bowling ball, instead of throwing it straight causes the pins to behave more destructively upon impact, knocking each other over in the process and earning you a strike. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it looks to spin the ball and bowl a strike ! However, there are a few bowling tips which will help you to spin the ball.

Having the right type of bowling ball is going to help you alot if you want to bowl a strike more often as some bowling balls are better for spinning than others. The plastic balls which you find at your bowling alley are excellent for straight shots and therefore not really suited to spinning (or hooking as it is called). Bowling balls made from urethane have a better hook or spin. Professional bowlers prefer to use particle balls, this gives them increased control over the spin.

To spin the bowling ball properly and improve your bowling game, you want only your fingertips in the bowling ball not your whole fingers. Otherwise, if you try to spin the bowling ball your fingers may be rolling down the lane too. Buying your own bowling ball that is custom-built for your fingers will also help.

The next thing you need to do to learn how to spin a bowling ball properly is concentrate on your form. Keep in mind that the ideal point of impact is the "pocket" between the first pin and the third pin (the front pin and the one directly behind it to the right).

If you are right-handed then you will want to aim for the second triangle marker from the right (the opposite if your left-handed) You may find you veer naturally to one way or another so keep experimenting to see what works for you. Once you know what positioning is best you need to practice releasing the ball in this way every time to bowl a strike.

To spin the bowling ball, hold the ball with your hand underneath and your thumb on top as you approach the line and before you release the ball, twist your wrist so your hand is near the top of the ball and your thumb at the bottom. So, if you are right-handed this will mean you are turning your hand to the left. Remember, by aiming the ball for the second marker from the right will accommodate for the distance the ball will spin to the left. With a bit of luck and a lot of practice, your ball should spin into "the pocket" and earn you a strike!

For even more information on how to spin a bowling ball and other bowling tips to improve your guide click on the following link: how to spin a bowling ball.

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