Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ten Pin Bowling Tips and Techniques

You might be wondering what ten pin bowling is. In the US, it is simply referred to as "bowling", but the term "ten pin bowling" is especially used in the UK so it would not be mixed with other bowling types like five pin bowling or lawn bowling for example. Bowling can be enjoyed by all ages especially when the bowler knows the basics and needed techniques and tips.

To start with, a bowler needs to be familiar with equipment, common terminologies and etiquette around the bowling alley. Ten bowling pins are used in bowling, each of around 3 pounds and 4 ounces and 3 pounds and 10 ounces. The bowling ball on the other hand can be made from rubber or plastic or a combination of materials. Most bowling balls in ten pin bowling have three holes - one for the middle finger, the ring finger, and the thumb. The bowler needs to choose his bowling ball with caution and make sure he is comfortable with handling it before going to his/her bowling game. Be aware that bowling balls do not weigh more than 16 pounds.

At times, it can be rather difficult to overcome the fear of running the gutter since once the ball is in the gutter, it does not hit any pins down. The important key in this case would be to focus on how to bowl and to make sure that you are physically prepared as well (you can do so by warming up and stretching). If you had one of the bowling balls in the gutter, simply focus and get the negative thoughts out of your head so you would not get distracted.

Strike! You probably heard this term a lot before even knowing how to bowl because this is considered the ultimate goal of the game; scoring consistent strikes where you hit all ten pins in the first ball- thus, getting 10 points! When you can't bowl a strike, do not feel down because strikes are usually the result of a collective effort over time.

Here are some bowling tips to give you better idea how to do ten pin bowling. Some of the recommended mental tips to give you a close look and better idea on how to do ten pin bowling are:

1 - Be a timely bowler: know when to start preparing (stretch and warm up), when to go next up on the lane, and when to release your ball - even the little details might even pay off in the total game results.

2 - Get your head in the game: once you are too tense or too relaxed (taking things lightly), you might actually get distracted and through the bowling ball completely out of the lane and into the gutter. Follow what is going on, keep a keen eye on the game and not go about wandering around the bowling alley.

Bowling is a game which reaps result if you follow on its both mental and physical tips and techniques.

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