Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips On the Hook Technique For Bowling

It seems like people are always looking for tips on making their game better than it was before. The hook technique for bowling is no exception to the things that can be added. Before we discuss any hook technique, we will define 'hook' for clarification: A hook is measured by boards and certain angles to show how much the ball is curving away from the point it started at. The hook angle is the exact place where the ball changed its direction. The hook potential is the most intense path the ball will go to.

The hook technique for bowling involves, and is, basically defined by these three definitions. To use the hook technique, keep your hand in a handshake position from the approach, through the swing, and to the release.

Your swing, when using the hook technique for bowling, is what makes or breaks your hook ball. In stance, keep your bowling hand, palm up under the ball. As you move through your swing, turn the ball so that upon release, your hand will be on the outside of the ball, similar to shaking hands Using the hook technique may seem complicated to the novice bowler, but the hook technique for bowling is an excellent way for picking up spares, which ultimately increases your points which then raises your overall average. What better way to improve your game?

There are three types of hook balls to learn when researching the hook technique for bowling. The first hook technique for bowling is the Stroker. This technique involves the slider foot coming to a stop right before the ball reaches the low point in the swing, which increases the control of the ball. This requires you to keep your shoulders square.

The second hook technique for bowling is the Cranker. This hook technique for bowling produces more power and involves you being at the foul line before your ball arrives. The bowler needs to be aware that this requires a slightly difficult level of movement which, when not controlled, could result in severe muscle injury.

The third hook technique for bowling is referred to as the Helicopter. This hook technique for bowling is mostly used in the bowling world in Asia, due to their low quality lanes, is best delivered when opting for a 10 - 12 pound ball. This requires a different grip. The fingers remain all the way around the top of the ball. Once delivered, the ball travels straight, but spinning similarly to, yes you guessed it, a helicopter.

As with any other techniques, the hook technique for bowling allows for adjustability to suit your style, while the basic method remains the same. This leaves plenty of room for you to make one of these techniques your favorite or signature delivery. Try it out and improve your game at the same time.

Jordan Matthews is an internet entrepreneur with a 239 average, who enjoys bowling at local ABT tournaments every weekend. Visit Jordan's Bowling Website for more information about bowling in tournaments and improving your technique and your scores.

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