Saturday, November 27, 2010

Want to Be a Better Bowler? Try These Ten Pin Techniques!

Everyone, no matter how old or young can enjoy bowling nowadays. There are bumpers for the kids to prevent those pesky gutter balls and ramps for those who find the bending and swinging a little difficult.

Because bowling is fun, right? Of course, but it can be irritating when you find yourself barely reaching the 100 mark time after time and want to be a better bowler.

The good news is, there is something you can do. There is a lot of technique involved in learning to improve your bowling game . Professional bowlers will have practiced these bowling techniques over and over again. So the two main bowling techniques you can work on; are your approach and the way you roll the bowling ball.

When you are approaching the line and are about to release the ball, timing is everything if you want to be a better bowler. Not timing your swing correctly means you not only run the risk of stepping over the foul line but it can have a detrimental effect on your game and could be the reason you are not achieving your potential.

Most bowlers take a three to six step approach, this means they take between three and six steps during their run-up. To be a better bowler you should try out how many steps you feel most comfortable with. Many bowlers favor a four step approach.

You should start with the foot which is on the same side as your swinging arm. This is your pushing foot. The ball should be slightly in front of you. Then, as you take your next step forward, pull back your swinging arm. As you step forward with your other foot, lean forward slightly.

At this point, your arm should be raised behind your head. Then slide your left foot out and swing your bowling arm forwards. Release the bowling ball but when you do so follow-through with the swinging motion of your arm.

There are two methods of rolling the ball. Put very simply, you can either roll it in a straight line which is great for getting those spares where accuracy is paramount. Alternatively, you can spin the bowling ball. Learning to spin the bowling ball makes it roll straight and curves into the pins as it approaches them.

This spin (or hook) causes the pins to knock each other over and increases your chances of scoring highly and helps you to be a better bowler. To spin the bowling ball you need to begin with your hand under the ball, thumb facing up. As you release the ball, twist your wrist so your hand is nearly at the top of the bowling ball.

Remember to stay positive and stay focused if you want to be a better bowler. When you are about to take your shot forget about everything you have to do, the chatter from your team mates and the surrounding lanes.

Concentrate on nothing but your next shot and practice the above bowling techniques to send you on your way to that 200 or even 300 game!

For even more advice on how to improve your bowling game and a wealth of information on everything you need to know about tenpin bowling visit the a fantastic web site by clicking on this link: --> Bowling Techniques

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