Saturday, December 11, 2010

How To Focus Your Mind On Your Bowling Game

If you are able to focus on your bowling game it will help you to improve your technique and win more games. Each one of us has an inner voice which tells us whether we're doing well or badly. If that inner voice keeps telling you you're doing badly, then you must try to control it, or it will cause you to fail. You don't want to hear friends or family speaking badly about you, so you mustn't allow yourself to do it.

When you realize you're indulging in negative self-talk, picture a big red stop sign. Stop the negative thoughts, and replace it with a positive affirmation. Make sure you do this before you even arrive at your bowling game. Visualize yourself making your best shots, using your best technique, and not becoming upset by a few bad shots. By doing this, you're creating a game plan in your head.

Your positive thoughts can be very simple - 'I can bowl well. I will try my best. My body is moving well. I can do this really well' are some examples. I'm sure you can think of more which are personal to you. Once you get used to positive self-talk, you can counter any negativity by using it when you need to.

If you always think negatively, you will lose your self confidence. This is true with all things in life as well as sports such as bowling. If you wonder where your fear of failure stems from, it's often coming from yourself and your own negative self-talk. It's easy to fix this by thinking positively.

When you practice your bowling, don't worry about the score you're making. Concentrate on how you feel, how the ball rolls, and where it finishes. Try new movements, do things differently, but above all, don't worry about the score as you won't let yourself improve your bowling technique.

When you're taking part in competitions, focus on the bowling ball rather then how your body's moving. If you're aware of how the ball's moving, it will help you decide on the condition of the lane. This will help you decide which will be the best ball to use, how to line yourself up, and what moves will work best for the condition of the lane.

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