Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bowling Tips - Bowling Strikes Or Bowling Spares! Which Really Is Best?

It's pretty evident that most people think that getting the bowling strikes is the major goal in bowling.. They are always looking for the strikes and get excited the more they make. And trust me, I am no different than the majority. As long as I have been bowling, I still get a thrill seeing that bowling ball mow those pins down in a clean sweep. It is an empowering feeling!

When we think of strikes we think of them as being the top score, ten points and also they give you that added bonus of the total points you score on the next two throws. One other positive purpose of a strike is that once you strike you don't have to worry about missing picking up a spare or worry about getting a split.

It doesn't matter if you are a pro bowler, or a beginner. No matter where you fit in with the bowlers, everyone is impressed by strikes. This can lead to taking the focus off of other parts of the game and putting the focus on just one area of expertise. Strikes are great but you also need to be proficient in picking up those spares too.

When the focus is on how many X's you can chalk up you then find yourselves concentrating on only that phase of the game and in many cases your improvement in the game of bowling is slowed or impaired. Actually, those bowlers who work more on the accuracy of their spare delivery are the ones who will also be improving most in throwing those strikes too.

It does not take long for those "strike chasers" to learn that those strikes are really just one part of the game. He soon realizes that he needs to mix things up by varying his bowling tactics. Once he learns this he will be able to learn to be a better bowler.

A lot of bowlers believe, at first, that speed and power will score more strikes too. These "Power Balls" seem to look good as they are thrown with all the bowlers strength. Trouble is that they most often end up missing the head pin and only picking up a few pins. In their spare shots they most often miss and are usually surprised if they even pick up those remaining pins. So it ends up that the game of bowling, to these bowlers, is to strike or do nothing at all. These bowlers usually do not succeed in becoming proficient bowlers.

OK, now let's talk about how to become good at making strikes. First and foremost, remember the pattern that the ten pins are set up. All of the pins can be knocked down if you remember to throw your ball into the 1 - 3 pocket. (That is the space between the 1 pin and the 3 pin.)

It is possible to strike using different patterns but the 1 - 3 pocket seems to give them the greatest possibility for a strike. It is here that the bowling ball hits the 1 pin, then the 3 pin, next the 5 pin and finally the 9 pin. The other pins will go then go down as a result of these pins. Once you have determined that the hot spot for your ball is the 1-3 pocket you are well on your way to mastering the game of bowling.

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