Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lawn Bowling

Sometimes people simply enjoy trying out new things - especially recreational activities. So it only stands to reason that if you are a fan of indoor ten pin bowling as it is, you will probably like the outdoor version commonly referred to as lawn bowling. There are some people, such as a woman of whom I read who have sat idly by and watched the game - not knowing how much fun it really is. Her friends persuaded her that she had to at least try it, and she fell into it completely. She testifies now that lawn bowling is one of her absolutely favorite activities.

There are many ways to have fun in the sun than sunbathing by the pool. Many people, and especially more active people, prefer to do something such as outdoor volleyball, tennis, lawn bowling and more. Most of these are great for your regular outdoor fun and are great activities for people of all ages. This applies especially to lawn bowling, in my opinion, because you do not require lessons as you do in tennis and other outdoor sports.

Lawn bowling is also much less strenuous than some other kinds of outdoor exercise and therefore, accessible to people of all ages. Just to list a few examples: lawn bowling is a popular pastime for family reunions, adult outings and even for the clients of assisted living facilities. When you play lawn bowling, there are lots of unexpected obstacles to overcome. These are natural obstacles such as bumps in the lawn, rocks, uneven or slanted soil, and more this can make the game even more fun for anyone.

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