Monday, October 18, 2010

Saving Money Tips - Get Into Sports

Okay, we all know that we should exercise but what is it that gives us that extreme sense of lack of motivation? Interesting question this one isn't it. I guess we are all rather prone to prefer to kick off the shoes, grab a cuppa and sit down in front of the TV / computer instead of grabbing out the joggers and pounding the footpath or running around a tennis court.

However, if you start to get into sports you will realise how much of a difference it can make to your whole well being. You will start to feel more enthusiastic and alive and this will flow across into other areas of your life. Your overall attitude to a multitude of things will be lifted up to new levels.

Being active also gives you additional benefits such as keeping your body healthy (saves on medical bills and doctors visits) and giving you something to do (saves you spending money on expensive forms of entertainment). Get into sports today by dusting off the joggers, digging out your swimming costume, grabbing a tennis racket or cleaning off your golf clubs. Participating in a sporting activity can not only keep you fit and healthy but provide you with hours of entertainment for generally a small fee.

Here are some clues to get you started:

1. Choose what sorts of sports you might be interested in

Jogging / Running / Aerobics
Tennis / Squash / Badminton
Football / Rugby / Soccer
Basketball / Netball / Softball
Cricket / Hockey / Croquet
Lawn Bowling / Ten Pin Bowling
Swimming / Diving / Aqua aerobics
Horse Riding / Polo
Canoeing / Kayaking / Rowing
Yoga / Pilates / Tai Chi / Gymnastics
Track and Field
Rock Climbing / Abseiling
Boxing / Martial Arts
Fencing / Archery
Weight lifting / Wrestling
Skateboarding / Rollerblading
Skiing / Snowboarding

2. Think about who might be able to join you (often if you are committed to go somewhere with someone else you are more likely to do this activity than if you have to go alone)

Family member
Work Colleague
Business associate
Member of a club / group / church you are in

3. Check out your local area to see what sports clubs / associations are located in your area that offer your chosen sport?

Surf the internet
Visit your gymnasium
Read the local paper
Ask your local school
Check the advertising outside your local hall
Ask at your local sports centre / youth club
Check with your council
Visit your local community centre

4. Decide where can you participate in your chosen sport

cycle track
running paths
sports field
council pool
bowls club
local hall
sports centre
dance studio
local school
ski fields
skating rink
bowling alley
squash / tennis courts
friends / neighbours home

5. Establish the costs for your chosen sport

Membership / club fees
Participation / entry fees
Sports equipment (purchase / hire)
Sports uniforms / shoes (purchase / hire)
Travel costs
Food / drinks whilst undertaking chosen sport

6. Consider organising a group

Get your work colleagues to accompany you on a walk / jog around the block at lunch time
Tee up your neighbours to all go for a walk / jog two or three afternoons / mornings a week
Advertise at your local gym / school / sports centre to set up your own running / cycling / walking / swimming group where you meet at a set location and all head off together for 30 mins / 1 hr
Look at the groups you currently belong to and can you add value to any of these groups by setting up a running / cycling / walking / swimming group as an offshoot
Talk to your local council / community centre / sports centre for assistance and promotion in kick starting a new group off in your area

7. Get out there and give it a go

Don't procrastinate - start working on this today
Set up a routine for your sports activities
Commit to your routine by marking time in your diary / calendar
Consider hiring equipment instead of buying the equipment at the start, just in case it doesn't work out for you
Set money aside in your budget to cover the costs for your chosen sport
Set a goal around your sport as this can keep you motivated to keep going e.g.

Build up to a certain speed with cycling / rowing
Swim a certain number of laps of the pool
Jog for a certain period of time
Learn a new dance routine regularly
Score a certain score
Touch your toes, do a back bend, do the splits

If you haven't done much exercise lately, just ease into it gently - one step at a time

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