Monday, October 18, 2010

Ten Pin Bowling Tips You Need to Know

Ten pin bowling is a very popular sport across the United States. Millions come out to bowl every night, and many have their own ten pin bowling tips that they guard closely. However, to help you bowl better... and to help you fit in with the pros, here are some great tips for your own ten pin bowling game.

Essential Tips
Here are some essential tips for your bowling game:

1. Be positive at all times. The more you focus on having fun, the better you will works trust us!

2. If you can, look for a bowling coach at your bowling alley. They can help you become a better bowler using their own ten pin bowling tips.

3. Focus on your improvement. Pay attention to the games you do not do well in so that you can improve your game.

4. Don't keep score when you are practicing. You are just having fun then and if you keep score, it could discourage you and make you play worse, or cause you not to concentrate on improving enough.

Nifty Tips
For some added advantage, use these tips:

1. Insert tape into your bowling ball so that your thumb does not slip out of the ball when you are doing your arm swing.

2. Have a spare ball that you use only for getting spares, this ball should be made out of plastic.

3. One of the most important ten pin bowling tips is to have a lighter ball. Heavy bowling balls do not give you more power and a lighter ball can give you more movement and swing.

How To Bowl Strikes
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